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Vote: The Most Important Super Bowl Marketing Moments - Nationwide, Reebok, FedEx, McDonald's


By Doug Zanger, Americas Editor

February 1, 2016 | 4 min read

We want you to rate the top Super Bowl marketing moments to help us find the most significant. Our round up continues below:

Browse this first list and vote for your favorite, giving your least important moments one star or more depending how momentous you felt each was. At the end of the week, we'll tally the votes and crown the moment you deemed most important.

Terry “F-Ing” Tate

Because not only was it funny, Reebok managed to work a version of the word “felch” and TPS Report into the spot. 

Dancing Chimp

Because in 2000, E*Trade “wasted” $2m, but created a lasting memory. 

FedEx in ’9827. Nike in ’95.

Because it was one of the smartest spots that no one talks about enough. 

Nike in ’95

Because we still have some nightmares about Dennis Hopper ranting.

Nike in ’91

Because this is when the world truly understood “Just Do It.” 

Keeping Up With Apple


Because, in 1984, Alan Alda (Atari) and Bill Bixby (Radio Shack) tried to go “tech a tech”. 


Big Mac Jingle

Because we now still can’t get that jingle out of our heads. 

That Nationwide “Dead Boy” Advert

Because it was creepy. 

Newcastle Brown Ale

Because apparently, that kind of ambushing works well. 

Banned Adverts

SodaStream. PornHub. Ashley Madison. PETA. Carl’s Jr. No love live, but big publicity.

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McDonald's Newcastle Nationwide

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