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US print publications outdo digital-only outlets on Facebook, says social media study

Print-focused news outlets out-performed online exclusive sites on Facebook, according to a study from Engagement Labs.

Using its ‘eValue’ tool to rate the performance of US digital and print publications’ engagement, impact and responsiveness, the study concluded that print publications are out-performing better digital outlets on Facebook.

It reasoned that “articles on Facebook have a longer shelf-life with the trending news section and popular news items staying at the top of users’ news feeds,” more suitable for the lengthier reads found in print.

The Houston Chronicle was the best performer, beating the New York Daily News. In third was digital title Business Insider, followed by the Guardian and USA Today.

On Twitter however, digital publications dominated with the top five performing outlets all exclusively digital. The platform was more suited to the real-time nature of online publications, the report states.

Buzzfeed led the pack, followed by the Blaze, the Verge, the HuffPost and Cnet.

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