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Badger and Winters founder condemns sexist ads with #WomenNotObjects campaign

New York advertising executive Madonna Badger has launched a video exposing the seemingly regular objectification of women in a number of iconic advertising campaigns.

Madonna Badger, the founder and creative director of New York City-based Badger & Winters told the Wall Street Journal that she initiated the campaign to honour her three daughters who she lost in a Christmas house fire, along with her parents, in 2011.

The two and a half minute slot is focused on exposing ads she thinks exploit women, she said: “I want my life to have a purpose… I love my job but I don’t want to do it if it hurts anyone.”

The video has had over 370K views on YouTube since its launch 11 January but is of late picking up momentum on the platform.

An accompanying Twitter account for the drive called @Not_Objects is looking to publicise the agency's pledge never to objectify women in its creative, or to airbrush females “to the point of perfection”.

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