Twitter’s head of global media quits amidst slew of executive departures

Twitter’s head of global media, Katie Jacobs Stanton, has announced her departure from the role she has held for the past five and a half years in an emotional blog post.

katie Stanton, Twitter

In that time Stanton has overseen tremendous growth at the micro blogging platform as it launched in Japan, the UK and Ireland in her first year before taking over the world.

Increasingly however Stanton has found herself torn with a desire to spend more time with her three children whilst remaining active as an investor and champion of women through development of new screening techniques for ovarian and breast cancer. Stanton is also backing Hilary Clinton’s US presidential bid.

In her post Stanton said: “While I’ve poured my heart and soul into Twitter, I decided to resign because it’s time for me to pour more of my energy into my family. Like most working parents, I’ve outsourced the simple things: groceries, laundry and carpools. I’m increasingly faced with the reality that I can’t outsource what’s most precious: time. Life moves fast and I want to enjoy the time with my children before it’s too late. There’s a weird stigma about taking a break to spend time with your family — but really, what could be more important?”

Stanton’s departure coincides with that of Alex Roetter, head of ad products; Skip Schipper and Kevin Weil, in charge of Twitter’s engineering teams. Jason Toff, GM of Vine, announced his departure separately on Sunday.

To plug the gaps COO Adam Bain and CTO Adam Messinger have been handed additional duties by CEO Jack Dorsey.