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Intel says its partnership with Red Bull shows how data will redefine media

The involvement of data in content creation has been gradual but even the most luddite of publishing businesses will now be making data-led decisions. So what’s going on at the other end of the scale? This is the end occupied by the likes of Intel and Red Bull Media House, no strangers to innovation in any side of their businesses, they are now bringing that real-time data to the fore.

One of Intel’s big announcements at CES this year was around its partnerships with media houses such as ESPN and Red Bull Media House. The tech business described new deals with the brands to use its Intel Curie wearable technology to monitor and feedback real-time performance data from athletes.

Red Bull Media House used freerunner Jason Paul to show how diagnostic and biological data could be turned into content in real-time, giving audiences a more transparent and engaging content experience.

With the bright lights of Vegas dimming for the tech industry, we caught up with Steve Fund, chief marketing officer of Intel, to understand a bit more about why tech businesses are choosing to partner with content brands and what's next for publishing and the internet of things.

How important are the partners in helping this technology gain traction with consumers?

Partnering with the right companies, who share our vision for bringing the best technology and experiences to the market, is highly important for Intel. They have the millennial audience we want to reach and we have the technology. When looking at the release of Intel Curie and our partnership with Red Bull Media House, it was an obvious decision as we share the same vision for the future of technology, sports and media. Having smart partnerships allows Intel to extend its audience and ensure everyone gets the best experience with our technology.

How do you select the brand partners you work with?

As I said, it’s a really strategic decision for us when selecting a partner. At Intel we look for passionate leaders with large fan bases. We’re looking to engage with others who share our drive and passion for bringing the best experiences to the marketplace. This one just made sense based on Red Bull Media House’s heritage in sport, entertainment and media.

How do you see the relationship between data and content progressing?

It’s an interesting space and one that we’re looking at closely, and quite clearly Intel Curie and the partnership announced at CES with Red Bull Media House shows that it’s something we most definitely believe in. For today’s consumer – athlete, viewer, etc. – having further depth and detail into what they are engaging with (be it a TV programme, video, etc) is becoming more and more important and they’re looking to do so across platforms, when and where they want it. Data redefining the boundaries of technology and media consumption. We’re really excited about the future of this space and being at the forefront of innovation as it impacts human experiences and ultimately changes the world.

As people become more savvy about personal data, how does that change launches like this? How will that impact future products or the way you market consumer-facing data products?

Protecting data – both of consumers and businesses – is at the forefront of every technology we develop and something we take very seriously. As the market continues to mature and the internet of things becomes more of a business and household topic, protecting consumers in this space is something we’re really spearheading. We’ve been involved in wider discussions around how to ensure protection of data and privacy, while also helping to support and drive innovation in the market for a long time now. What we’re seeing is that consumers are really excited about the opportunities that this area of technology is bringing, and the fact that data-driven technologies are really breaking the boundaries of how we live, work and play. When it comes to any new technology, security is a first priority – it always has been, and will always continue to be.

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