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The top ten shows on Netflix and Hulu in December 2015


By Natan Edelsburg | SVP

January 19, 2016 | 5 min read

December is always a huge month for binge watching as the holidays create the perfect time to curl up infront of a TV or device. This holiday season a true crime story capitvated the globe. Not surprisingly Making a Murderer, Netflix's hit docu-series topped the charts. South Park won for Hulu. Here are the full charts and insights from SimilarWeb.


  • No name is more famous on Netflix right now than Steve Avery, the focus of Netflix’s new viral hit documentary series, Making a Murderer. Netflix users were glued to their screens all December long watching the show and finding out more about his case.
  • With Making a Murderer taking the top spot, Jessica Jones was pushed down to number 2, albeit by a very slim margin. The show dropped its traffic share from 44% in November to 31% in December.
  • Aside from Making a Murderer, another new Netflix show that was very popular in December was F is for Family, an animated sitcom set in the 1970’s. The show is off to a great start and took 12% of the traffic.
  • Narcos, which spent several months at the top of the the Netflix top ten, now holds the 4th spot for another month. With season 2 not slated until later in 2016, we may see Narcos continue to slide down the rankings.
  • Two shows are notably missing from the December list, Master of None and The Seven Deadly Sins. Last month, Master of None ranked second overall, but it seems Netflix users have mostly finished watching Dev’s story unfold.
  • Rounding out the bottom half of the Netflix list are several shows that have been around for over at least a decade, with How I met Your Mother, Family Guy, Friends, and Supernatural at 5, 6, 7, and 8.
  • In ninth, Grey’s Anatomy makes an appearance on this month’s top ten after not appearing since the September list. The show is still airing new episodes on ABC where it ranked as the second most popular show in November.
  • The decline of The Walking Dead continued in December, the show dropped down 3 places and now sits at tenth. New episodes of the show come out in February so expect Netflix users to revisit old episodes.


  • No surprise at the top of Hulu’s list as the kids from South Park remain the most popular for Hulu’s online viewers. Season 19 ended on December 9th with an episode that parodies online advertising and gun politics in the US.
  • Family Guy still hold the number 2 spot on Hulu but in December, the gap between Family Guy and South Park narrowed significantly. Could January be the month when Hulu viewers prefer the Griffins over the the boys from South Park?
  • Continuing the trend of Hulu users preferring animated series, the third spot belongs to One-Punch Man, a Japanese manga series that went viral in 2009 but has now been turned into a television show. The show has found a big online audience with Hulu and has 13% of the top traffic share.
  • In December, Andy Samberg’s old crew beat out his new crew as SNL was slightly more popular than Brooklyn 99.
  • The Daily Show with Trevor Noah made a comeback to claim the 7th spot after not ranking in November. Daily Show viewers must have been happy to see Jon Stewart return as a guest on the December 7th episode.
  • The 8th and 9th spot have almost identical traffic but the major difference is that Quantico is an brand new show and Seinfeld ended almost 20 years ago.
  • The Flash dropped so far down the rankings you might have missed it! After grabbing the number 3 spot in November, the Flash now sits in 10th and is in danger of not ranking in January.
  • Dropping off December’s list are Empire, The Mindy Project, and Once Upon a Time, which ranked 8th, 9th, and 10th last month.

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