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Agencies for Growth Festival Banner creates a platform where consumers are eager to communicate with advertisers

Advertisers could soon benefit from eager eared customers willing to engage with them following the launch of, a new marketplace platform that will allow consumers to license their data to brands. is set to launch in the UK this week and is poising itself as a solution to the rise of ad-blocker software by ensuring a reward for consumers’ who choose to license their time and attention to advertisers.

The platform works off the premise that by creating better quality data from opted-in consumers, brands will able to connect directly with potential customers who want to listen. It follows on from a growing awareness within the industry that the Me2B economy is the best weapon against ad-blocking.

The key to the company’s philosophy is that the consumer never loses ownership of their data, instead they license it to brands and are able to control when, where and how often they are willing to receive marketing messages and from whom.

Nicholas Oliver, founder of said: “The rise of ad-blocker adoption in the UK was a sign of a “growing consumer backlash against irrelevant, intrusive digital advertising cluttering up their browsing experience and serruptitiously following them around the net.”

In creating a solution to the problem Oliver said the new ad platform is built on “three pillars: privacy, control and reward.

“We believe that putting the consumer in control of their own data, fiercely protecting how their data is used to ensure privacy and rewarding them for the data they are willing to share helps create a fairer value exchange for the consumer and therefore greater engagement.”

The company’s plan to engender trust between consumers and brands is held upon the championing of transparency and consumer reward and if successful could yield a strong opponent to ad-blocking’s meteoric rise.

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