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A Lighthearted Video Brands General Electric As A Company with Solutions to Save the Planet

General Electric (GE) is well known for its excellent B2B content marketing strategy across the board, and its videos are no different.

In this recent video , the message adopts a lighter tone but also highlights ongoing work and recent innovations at the company.

"We are up-front about climate science. We are taking an active role driving cleaner technology and business model innovation. It is one of our core strategies to be ahead of the curve. We could fight against it or be the competition," remarked Libby Wayman, global director of Ecomagination at GE during a Business Marketing Association regional meeting this past November. "We focus on digital solutions that can deliver the economic outcome, new business models that can help our industry, Internet solutions and our global partnerships."

Wind turbines feature in the video and the Ecomagination team has been a leader in finding solutions in this industry. “Wind is a mature industry and wind energy technology needs unexpected solutions. Our scientists noted that the area of a wind turbine closest to the hub is the least productive. They came up with the ecoROTR, which showed a three percent efficiency improvement. We have field trials ongoing today. This is one example of centralized research and development thinking outside of the box.” On the digital/data side, GE is working to minimize the environmental impact of air travel and this is also depicted in the video. “We have been able to map the efficiency of aircraft engines to the tail number of different aircraft. We can then optimize the route schedule for the airline company and this becomes more fuel efficient and CO2 efficient.”

If General Electrics' goal is to stay at the forefront of addressing climate science through innovation and solutions for cleaner air, water, and cleaner industry, the message in the short video entitled "Living in harmony with nature" which includes content and statistics explains why they are ahead of the curve.

In an animated journey from the ocean to the sky to the trees and to outerspace, the video outlines the nuts and bolts behind the companies global Ecomagination strategy. In essence, the video cleverly condenses all of the major aspects of its B2B campaign in a light- hearted and fun way.

While the video is not an open advertisment for those looking for a career at GE, “innovation is a very compelling reason why people want to come and work for GE. It becomes part of the culture. If we put our heads together we can offer different capabilities from GE and the result is better commercial products for businesses. “

The results too are that the video offers an impressive overview of the Ecomagination teams goals and achievements and it does make GE look like an appealing place to work and interact with. In branding themselves through their ability to combine science, innovation, and imagination with the goal of living "in harmony with nature," this video effectively delivers the message.

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