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Vine co-founder launches Peach, here's what you need to know

Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann has launched new app Peach but what is it? Who is it for? And do we really need another messaging app? Here's five things you need to know about the newest social media platform.

  • Hofmann described Peach as a "fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself". A bit like a mix of Twitter and Slack, users create an account and handle before adding friends. On Peach users view a stream of updates from connections, tapping posts to reveal more.
  • Peach is centred around 'magic words' such as gif, shout, draw etc. Typing 'here' for example, users can add their current location and 'song' enables the app to recognise what you're listening to and add a link for your follows to open the track in Spotify or Apple Music.
  • Peach has been quickly taken over by people using celebrity names such as Taylor Swift, Tila Tequilla, The Rock and Tim Cook.
  • Peach features variations of Facebook's 'poke' feature to get other users attention. Users can wave, 'boop' or blow a kiss with each variation accompanied with a corresponding emoji. You can also 'hiss' or 'put a ring' on a friend as well as 'quarantine' them should they be getting on your nerves.
  • At present Peach is only available as an iOS app and for US phone numbers. Upon launch there has been some technical issues.

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