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The Portman Group trumpets the importance of guidelines as UK men’s recommended drinking limit is revised


By John McCarthy | Opinion editor

January 8, 2016 | 2 min read

The Portman Group, the trade body for the alcohol industry, has trumpeted the importance of guidelines to curbing alcohol abuse as the UK government greenlights changes that bring into line men’s recommended drinking limit with women’s.

Medical experts announced that while there is no safe drinking level as any consumption can increase the risk of cancer, men and women should definitely not consume more than 14 units across the space of a week.

The move brings men’s previous limit of 21 in line with the 14 units already in place for women.

Henry Ashworth, chief executive of the Portman Group, said: “The vast majority of us - more than four in five adults – drink within the current lower risk guidelines. Guidelines are important because they help people make informed choices about their own drinking so it’s vital that they are trusted and understood by consumers.

“What is surprising is that the UK is breaking with established international precedent by recommending the same guidelines for men and women. It also means that UK men are now being advised to drink significantly less than their European counterparts.”

The Health Survey for England series surveyed 8,077 adults found that 63 per cent of men and 62 per cent of women drank less than 21 or 14 units respectively.

Under new guidelines the limit equals around a bottle and a half of wine or six pints of beer.

Portman Group UK Alcohol

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