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Liverpool-based marketing agency institutes mandatory six-hour working day

Liverpool headquartered Agent Marketing are taking a leaf out of their Scandinavian cousins employment rulebook by introducing a mandatory six-hour working day for all staff at the business.

This follows earlier moves by Swedish businesses along identical lines which has brought higher profits, increased employee happiness and boosted productivity.

Hoping for similar results this side of the North Sea Agent Marketing employees will arrive at work as usual at 09:00 but clock off early at 16:00, including a mandatory one hour lunch break, freeing up employees to pursue other interests in the evenings.

Speaking to the Huffington Post head of creative Ben Spencer said: “I like to snowboard, so one day I finished early and went to an indoor ski slope in Manchester which meant I beat the evening rush.

“It was brilliant – I pretty much had the whole slope to myself.”

Any impact the reduced hours have had will be documented by the BBC’s One Show tonight at 19:00 after they challenged the business to adopt the Nordic work ethic.

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