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What The Drum readers think of the rumoured removal of Twitter's 140 character limit


By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

January 6, 2016 | 7 min read

Rumours are rife that Twitter is considering canning the 140 character limit on tweets.


Dom Burch, senior director for marketing innovation and new revenue at Asda, wrote that Twitter is “in danger of becoming the pub people no longer want to drink in,” although he branded the shift a “very smart move”.

In the first half of 2015 the site is primed to allow users to upload extended messages of up to allow 10,000 characters, according to reports.

Public opinion seemed split on the rumour so we thought who better to ask than The Drum readers?

We put out a few questions to test the waters.

Most were totally against the changes.

And some could see the benefit - with some caveats.

Analysis from Brandwatch saw that mentions of the rumoured feature peaked at over 11,000 mentions an hour worldwide around noon on Wednesday.

More people were positive than negative about the changes.

The Drum's digital editor, Ronan Shields, argued that the move may degrade Twitter’s unique selling point with it in danger of being difficult to differentiate from “the milieu of digital content hubs”.

Character Limit Tweet Twitter

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