What does it take to be a great creative? JKR's Tosh Hall

Tosh Hall, creative director at design studio Jones Knowles Ritchie, thinks that building a great creative team is about more than just finding the best talent.

“I think talent is only 20 per cent,” he told The Drum during a recent chat. “There are plenty of people that are talented but they’re in the wrong place or they don’t work hard.”

While talent is important, Hall said that finding the right opportunities and wanting to work hard are just as crucial when it comes to being a great creative.

Hall got his start designing book covers in London and creating beauty packaging for Revlon in New York. He then became design director at Landor Associates in New York before serving as creative director at the brand consultancy firm’s San Francisco office.

He joined JKR in 2013 where he’s since worked on brands including Budweiser and Wheaties.

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