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The top ten shows on HBO and Showtime in November 2015


By Natan Edelsburg, SVP

December 29, 2015 | 5 min read

Game of Thrones continued to dominate for HBO in November. Homeland topped the Showtime chart proving that fans still love the fast-paced drama whose current season is taking place in Berlin. Here are the full insights and charts from SimilarWeb.


  • November was yet another month when HBO was dominated by Game of Thrones. The show increased its traffic share and subsequently its lead over other HBO shows. Season 6 begins in April 2016 and for fans that simply can’t come soon enough.
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver still holds a firm grasp on second place with 23% of the top traffic share. Oliver concluded the second season in November with segments on the Paris attacks, Syrian refugees, fantasy sports, and more. With the show done for the season, we’ll see if fans continue to revisit episodes or if the show starts to slide in the rankings.
  • HBO drama The Leftovers continues to maintain a solid audience and takes third place again this month. The show finished season 2 on December 6th so we expect it to see a drop in traffic share over the coming months.
  • Bill Maher had a very succesful November and jumped up a couple spots to now sit in fifth place, just below Silicon Valley.
  • Where did President Selina Meyer go? Veep performed well in October, claiming the 5th spot, but is nowhere to be seen in November’s top 10. The same is true of Entourage and True Detective which were 6th and 10th last month respectively.
  • The Sopranos is a surprising addition to November’s top ten. The popular crime drama wrapped up in 2007 but was in the news recently as John "Cha Cha" Ciarci passed away. The actor played Albert "Albie" Cianflone, and appeared in 13 episodes.
  • Girls is another surprising addition that can perhaps be explained by the fact that Adam Driver--aka Adam Sackler aka Kylo Ren--is now a household name and a huge Hollywood star thanks to his new role in Star Wars. With this new widespread fame, HBO viewers turned back to watch Girls, the show that launched Driver’s career.
  • In tenth, after Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Wire, Boardwalk Empire is new to the top 10 and claims 3% of the traffic share.


  • Showtime viewers were very consistent in November and the top 4 shows remain unchanged from last month. Once again, Homeland is Showtime’s top online show and though the show completed another stellar season on December 20th, we fully expect it to continue to dominate the rankings.
  • The Affair held onto the second spot and even increased its traffic share slightly from last month. Meanwhile, Ray Donovan held onto third place while losing some of its traffic share.
  • Masters of Sex was able to hold onto fourth place despite ending in September. Showtime viewers have shown a strong preference for risqué sexual-content shows.
  • House of Lies is up 2 spots and now sits in fifth place for November’s rankings. Fans of the show will be happy to hear that a new season will be premiering sometime in early 2016.
  • The big winner of Showtime’s list in November was The Tudors, which jumped from tenth all the way up to sixth. Not bad for a show which ended in 2010 and only ran for 4 seasons.
  • On the screen, A Season with Notre Dame Football dropped from fifth to eighth in our rankings, but on the field, the Fighting Irish football team is slated to appear in the January 1st Fiesta bowl against the Ohio State Buckeyes. The next episode of the show will air on January 5th with a focus on the big game. Expect the show to dip in December before making it big in January.
  • The only Showtime show on November’s list not to appear in October is Polyamory: Married and Dating, though it did appear in the September list.
  • With Polyamory making an appearance, it meant Gigolos was knocked off the chart, and the show joins Nurse Jackie and 3AM as other popular Showtime shows not to make the cut.

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