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Twitter files patent for a 'selfie drone' controllable with tweets

Twitter is the latest company to be caught investing in drone technology with it filing a patent for a unmanned aerial vehicle that can be controlled by users of the social network.

The US patent shows a UAV with an on-board camera, capable of capturing video and images – which can then be sent directly to the social network. Speaking to CNBC, a Twitter spokesperson merely said: “Two words: Drone selfies”.

The technology will also open up control of the drone to the public via commands embedded in tweets using what Twitter calls ‘democratic means’.

The patent could be one of many avenues Twitter is working on in the sector with no guarantee it is looking to produce this drone. However it could represent the next step in its user generated content, merging tech, its core product, the social network and an enthused user base looking to utilise UAVs during live events.

The UAV will also feature a microphone, a move which could see it implemented in live TV broadcasts, shared almost instantly on Twitter, perhaps through Periscope.

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