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Jurassic World pays tribute to record-breaking Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Spielberg Jaws homage

Director Steven Spielberg and the producers of Jurassic World have paid tribute to Star Wars: The Force Awakens after it took the crown for best opening weekend from the dinosaur flick which held the top spot for a mere six months.

Spielberg, Frank Marshall and Colin Trevorrow all of whom worked upon Jurassic World congratulated Star Wars for taking the top spot, tweeting an image of the T-Rex passing a gold medal to BB-8.

The scene references the letter Spielberg published congratulating Star Wars director George Lucas for toppling the box office record held by Jaws in 1977.

Longtime friends and collaborator Spielberg and Lucas have been entwined in friendly competition for decades, with the ET and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark director likely planning a strike back against Star Wars, which is in the hands of Disney after being sold by Lucas for a neat $4.4bn in 2012.

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