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Future of TV SimilarWeb Jessica Jones

The top ten shows on Netflix and Hulu in November 2015


By Natan Edelsburg, SVP

December 15, 2015 | 6 min read

If there was any doubt that Netflix's Jessica Jones was a big hit, November's charts from SimilarWeb should confirm that that Marvel/Netflix original starring Krysten Ritter has blown fans away. Master of None, Aziz Ansari's show is a close number two. On Hulu South Park reigns supreme as it's been having one of its most critically acclaimed seasons ever. Here are the full charts and analysis from SimilarWeb.


  • The reign of Narcos is over, move aside Pablo Escobar, and make room for Jessica Jones! The made-for-Netflix show released all 13 episodes on November 20th and Netflix users enjoyed binge-watching the Marvel comics show over the end of the month.
  • Not far behind Marvel’s Jessica Jones is Aziz Ansari’s popular show Master of None. Another Netflix original, the show released all 10 episodes on November 6. Which Netflix show will win out in December? Will it be fierce Jessica or silly Dev?
  • What happened to The Flash? Ranked 2nd in October, The Flash has disappeared off of Netflix’s top 10 with superhero speed. Interestingly, the show is still extremely popular with Hulu viewers, but Netflixers seem to have lost interest.
  • In third place is The Seven Deadly Sins, a Japanese manga series, not to be confused with Seven Deadly Sins, a TV documentary series which ranked 9th on Showtime’s October list.
  • November was a great month for the show Friends, as friends and families gathered together for Thanksgiving. The show was revisited by many Netflix viewers over the month and comes in at an impressive 6th spot on the Netflix top 10.
  • The Walking Dead may rule torrenting sites but on Netflix it only places 7th, after Friends, which of course ended over 10 years ago.
  • Traffic to How I Met Your Mother and Arrow remain mostly unchanged from last month, the only difference is that Arrow keeps releasing new episodes but HIMYM ended in March of 2014.
  • In 10th place on the Netflix list is Supernatural, a drama series which dropped down from 5th place in October.
  • Notably absent from the Netflix list are The Office and American Horror Story. Both were on October’s rankings, but fell out of the top ten for November.


  • For the third month in a row, Hulu’s top show is South Park and the popular cartoon keeps churning out episodes that viewers love. This season wraps up on December 9th and we’ll have to wait and see whether South Park can keep the top spot in December and beyond.
  • In second place, with about half of South Park’s traffic share, is Family Guy, the only show to appear on both the Hulu and Netflix top 10 lists. In November we were introduced to Peter Griffin’s sister, proving that the show is always thinking of new ways to keep viewers interested and entertained.
  • The biggest winner of Hulu’s rankings in November is The Flash, which ranked 9th in last month’s rankings but jumps to 3rd with 11% of the top 10 traffic. Hulu viewers don’t typically flock to superhero shows but The Flash is quickly developing a major Hulu following.
  • Did Hulu viewers lose interest in the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah? Last month, Noah’s show ranked 4th, but this month he fell off the rankings completely.
  • Last month we predicted that SNL would get a boost in traffic from Donald Trump, but in fact SNL stood pat in 5th place with about the same traffic share as last month. It seems the audience for the show is solid but stagnant.
  • A surprising addition to this month’s top 10 is One Punch Man, an anime adaptation of a popular Japanese webcomic. The comic developed a mass audience in 2009 and fans must be thrilled that the show is finally available.
  • The rank and traffic of Brooklyn Nine Nine, Modern Family, and Empire remain relatively unchanged from last month as all shows push ahead with new seasons.
  • The fairytale drama Once Upon a Time ranks 10th on the Hulu list with about 6% of the traffic share. The show is taking a break until March, so we expect that its appearance on the top 10 will be short-lived.
  • Notably absent from Hulu’s top 10, besides Trevor Noah, are Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Quantico, Gotham, and Arrow.

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Future of TV SimilarWeb Jessica Jones

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