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'Ten ways cross-channel marketing is not rocket science': A new Audio Whitepaper from Adobe

December 9, 2015 | 5 min read

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Marketing is changing. The traditional approach, which viewed the customer journey as a linear funnel, is broken.

Today, with the massive proliferation of marketing channels, businesses and brands are expected to reach out to new and existing customers on the customers’ terms. Customers expect you to be present on the channel of their choosing when they want and, just as importantly, to back off when they don’t.

With so many channels to choose from, the prospect of creating effective cross-channel campaigns can seem daunting and beyond the current resources available to many marketers. However, in its latest audio podcast, Adobe argues that any business currently engaged in any form of digital marketing can start on its cross-channel journey today.

Designed to be easily consumable by busy marketing executives, the audio podcast outlines ten good reasons why your business is in a good position create cross-channel marketing campaigns with confidence, including:

You choose the channels - The number of channels keeps growing, but not every channel is necessarily right for your brand. Learn how to select and optimise the best marketing channels for your business and how to play off the natural synergies between those channels.

Repurposing is easy – Cross-channel marketing isn’t about blasting out content across as many channels as possible. Different channels work differently and require different sorts of content to be successful. Learn how to repurpose your existing bank of content and match it to the right channel.

You have what your customers want - Remember that customers aren’t giving you personal information out of the goodness of their hearts – you have something they want. Learn how to take advantage of the differences between channels to optimise the capture of customer information and make it as efficient and frictionless for the customer as possible.

The single customer view is not a myth – With different systems managing different customer touchpoints, how do you start to integrate and analyse the gathered data in any meaningful way? Certainly, technology exists to make that process easy, but what if you can’t afford the investment required? Learn how to make a start of developing a single customer view with basic analysis of your data sets.

You don’t need everything – Recent research suggests that most companies only use 12 per cent of the data they gather. If you are collecting customer information that you don’t need, you should be simplifying your processes to create a better experience for your customers and a more efficient approach to data for your company. Find out how to use your data more intelligently.

Telling one story is easier – 62 per cent of marketers worry that their messaging is not consistent across marketing channels. Learn how to coordinate your messaging to create consistent cross-channel campaigns.

Virtual teams are here to stay – Find out how to establish cross-team communication within your organisation to facilitate a shift towards cross channel marketing. Learn how the smart use of technology can allow you to work around organisational silos and concentrate on building better relationships with your customers.

Success is a starting point - How do you know what’s driving the success (or failure) of a campaign? How do you figure out what to track and move beyond ‘first click’ and ‘last click’ models of attribution? Find out how to use attribution insights to shape more effective cross-channel campaigns.

It pays for itself – Marketing technology can be expensive and trying to justify those costs can be daunting. However, there is a good reason why so many marketers are increasing their budget for technology – it works. Learn how even those on a tight budget can begin to map out the customer journey and act upon it with cost-effective campaigns

Your company needs it - Businesses can be slow to change or slow to understand the benefits of cross-channel marketing, but be confident in your own beliefs. You are right: your business needs cross-channel marketing if it plans to survive. Learn how to overcome organisational inertia and start on the road of cross-channel success.

The Adobe marketing podcast ‘Ten ways cross-channel marketing is not rocket science’ is now available to download for free or listen to below.

Adobe Podcast News

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