By Katy Young | Intern reporter

December 9, 2015 | 2 min read

Kid’s food brand Ella’s Kitchen has launched a Downton Abbey parody on YouTube complete with piano intro, cute aristocratic kids, brussel sprouts and the infamous upstairs-downstairs divide.

‘Down Town Babby’ tells the tale of a Christmas lunch disaster averted by the ingenuity of mini Lady Edi.

The staff, distracted by learning to read and write, have forgotten to turn the oven on, but the Crawling family rustle up some last minute ingredients and Edi cooks it all in one pot - inventing the Christmas dinner pouch, which can be bought from the baby food maker.

Ella’s Kitchen is donating 30p from the sale of each jingle belly Christmas dinner pouch to FAST - Save The Children’s award–winning Families and Schools Together programme.

The initiative aims to build stronger bonds between parents, schools and communities in the UK to make sure children get the support they need to fulfil their potential at school and in life. It also promotes the importance of family meal-time and the positive impact this can have on a child’s development.

The video ties in with the Ella’s Kitchen brand, referencing fresh ingredients and kid’s education.

Mark Cuddigan, Head of Ella’s Kitchen, said: “We’re really excited to have partnered with Save the Children and the launch of our special Christmas film. We think we’ve created something that will not only raise awareness of our charity partnership in a fun way, but also puts kids at the heart of the campaign. We hope mums and dads fall in love with it this Christmas.”

This is not Ella’s Kitchen first foray into spoof video territory: its ‘BaByC News Royal Baby Report’ clocked up 80,000 views in May and the brand launched its documentary series, ‘Britain’s Weanagers’ last month.

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