Crystal Pepsi makes a comeback after 20-year hiatus

Crystal Pepsi, a clear caffeine-free soda that debuted in 1992 but was pulled from shelves less than two years later because of fizzling sales, is back for a limited time.

Fans of the retro drink can enter a sweepstakes from Dec. 10-11 through the soft drink maker’s rewards app Pepsi Pass. 13,000 winners will win a six-pack of Crystal Pepsi.

To promote the comeback, Pepsi has released a spot (above) featuring a janitor who stumbles upon the 92nd floor of an office building. When he goes in, he finds that the office is still stuck in the ‘90s and is prepping for Crystal Pepsi’s release.

The video, created by The Barbarian Group, features the 1993 hit ‘Whoomp! (There It Is).’

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