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Snoop Dogg fuses hip-hop and the animal kingdom in 'Jungl Julz' branded jewellery venture

Snoop Dogg has launched a unique jewellery line with the intention of channelling his knowledge of hip-hop culture and the animal kingdom.

Inking a partnership with jewellery brand King Ice, Snoop’s Jungl Julz brand kicks off with 15 unique items ranging from pendants, rings and bracelets to cigar tips.

The partnership with King Ice, which also designs products in partnership with The Game, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, will see a line of Dogg-approved, street-inspired line become available online just in time for Christmas.

Cuong Diep, the co-owner of King Ice said each item will be “envisioned and approved by Snoop to appeal to both his fans and our own”.

“But more importantly, provide a line of products that are both affordable and made from the highest quality of materials that fans of the King Ice and the Snoop Dogg brand will enjoy."

The range varies from $60 to $100.

The deal represents the latest investment from Snoop who launched a marijuana-based media company back in September.

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