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Ryanair’s ‘nice-guy’ act continues to woo holidaymakers as passengers climb to almost 100m

Ryanair is continuing to benefit from its revamped positioning after posting a 17 per cent growth in annual customers to 99.9 million, showing its investment in consumer-focussed marketing is certainly paying off.

Ryanair’s current ‘nice guy’ positioning was implemented by the company’s first chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs at the start of 2014 in an effort to reset consumer perceptions and move it away from being the hostile brand people “loved to hate”.

It scrapped the previous strapline ‘For better or worse’ and introduced the ‘Always Getting Better’ programme, overhauled its website and hired its first advertising agency, Dare, before rolling out a series of campaigns highlighting the changes to customer experience as well as new services such as Business Class and Family Extra.

The airline is also now branching out in other areas. In October it launched a Tripadvisor-like platform that offers accommodation and concerts as well as flights. But Ryanair’s domination plans don’t end there- it’s set his sights on becoming the “Amazon of travel”.

Speaking earlier in the year at German travel trade show ITB Jacobs said: “We’re going to start selling ancillaries in a more targeted way.

"We used to say we sell flights. Now we sell travel and we’re becoming a travel retailer which specialises in flights.”

Next year Ryanair will roll out a new car hire service, new website, new app, new cabin interiors, new crew uniforms, and improved inflight menus.