Target Black Friday promo hijacked with satirical guerrilla ads... including a racist printer

Black Friday offers can persuade shoppers to snap up products they may otherwise never purchased.

One adept photoshop user has mocked this mentality, erecting a series of fake ads in his local Target store.

Jeff Wysaski, of Pleated Jeans created a series of fake Black Friday deals, putting the spoof deals on display under headlines such as ‘gifts they’ll only use once’ featuring items such as a treadmill and a bread maker.

Other photoshopped items include ‘an invitation to Kyle’s Bar Mitzvah’ and a ‘racist printer’.

Target recently found itself under fire for a seasonal promotion of its own when it advertised an ‘OCD: Obsessive Christmas Disorder’ jumper for sale at its stores.

Jeff’s work can be viewed on his Tumblr blog here.

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