Lucky Generals chugs out smutty Paddy Power ‘Pocket Jostle’ ad

Paddy Power has released a video ad it admits is “a little too fruity for mainstream TV” showing savvy gamblers fiddling with something in their pockets.

The cheeky bookmaker brand uses the cheeky premise to raise awareness around its newly launched dedicated app on iOS devices - putting forward the idea that the app is so easy to use bettors can “knock out” a line in their pockets without even looking.

The 30-second ad from Lucky Generals was directed by James Rouse of Outsider (the man behind Sainsbury’s festive Mog The Cat slot). It will exclusively be viewable on YouTube and through Paddy Power's social channels.

Gav Thompson, Paddy Power chief marketing officer, said: “The idea of a ‘Pocket Jostle’ is a little too fruity for mainstream TV, so this ad is online only, targeted at our adult customers within our own Paddy Power channels.

“We acknowledge it’s a bit close to the bone, but the tongue-in-cheek metaphor of knocking a quickie out in your pocket was just too good not to share. We showed the idea to our customers and they thought it was very funny and very relevant, so we decided to share the joke.”

Raising a mirror up to ad industry perhaps, Danny Brooke-Taylor, co-founder of Lucky Generals, admitted: "This is one of those lovely instances where your hobby becomes your job."