The top ten shows on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX in October 2015

By Natan Edelsburg | SVP

November 24, 2015 | 10 min read

The results are starting to pour in from the major broadcast networks' fall TV efforts. Last month The Blacklist did very strong for NBC, Colbert for CBS, Scream Queens for Fox and How to Get Away with Murder for ABC. Here are the full charts and insights from SimilarWeb.

SimilarWeb NBC

Insights NBC Shows:

  • What happened to Tonight Show viewers? Last month Jimmy Fallon ruled NBC with 27% of the top traffic but this month he fell all the way to the 6th spot and holds only 7% of the traffic share. Despite big name guests such as Miley Cyrus, Shaq, and Lady Gaga, Fallon still plummeted way down our list.
  • Instead, the first place spot for October belongs to Chicago P.D. which debuted season 3 on September 30th. It took just over 18% of the traffic share and had fans engaged and interested throughout last month.
  • Right on the heels of Chicago P.D. is the FBI show The Blacklist, another crime drama. The show ranked 8th in September but saw both its traffic and rank increase dramatically. If this trend continues, Blacklist could be NBC’s most popular show in November, and we’ll find out who’s more popular- cops or FBI agents?
  • With America’s Got Talent wrapping up in September, the show dropped completely off our rankings and allowed other popular shows such as The Voice and Heroes Reborn to move up a spot.
  • Saturday Night Live failed to gain steam in October and stood pat with 8% of the traffic share. However, with Donald Trump hosting a wildly popular SNL show in November, we predict an increase for the show in next month’s list.
  • Rounding out the bottom of the NBC list is yet another cop show, Grimm, a newcomer to the NBC list. It displaced Dateline which dropped out of the ranking in September. However, a terror filled November will likely have viewers turning to Dateline for their news, and the show should return to November’s top 10.
  • Aside from The Tonight Show, October’s biggest loser was Days of our Lives which saw its traffic share drop from 13% in September down to 5% in October.

Insights ABC Shows:

  • In September, Dancing With the Stars premiered its 21st season and it totally rocked the rankings. October, however, has been a totally different story and DWTS barely even cracked the top 10. The show now ranks tenth and took just 4% of the traffic share.
  • With DWTS falling to tenth and Bachelor in Paradise finishing season 2, the top spot on ABC now belongs to How to Get Away with Murder, yet another legal drama which just started its second season.
  • Close behind, in the number 2 spot, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. took just under 15% of the traffic. The show has been quickly gaining an audience and might even be able to take the top spot in November.
  • Quantico, a new show which premiered in September, was ABC’s biggest winner in October and the thriller has quickly been gaining steam. We’ll see next month if viewers like the show enough to keep it in the top three.
  • The traffic share to veterans shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, and Castle remain relatively since September, and all three are still hanging around our top ten list. ABC viewers have proven, though, that they prefer new (or relatively new) shows which occupy the top 3 spots.
  • Another new show, The Muppets, has not been gaining the audience we thought and hasn’t been very popular with ABC’s online viewers. This is the first network Muppets show since 1998 but still, the show dropped 2 spots on our rankings. If fans continue to respond poorly to the show, it may drop completely out of the rankings in November.
  • Surprisingly, the fairytale drama Once Upon a Time, managed to double its traffic share from last month and with its unique premise, it has proven a force to be reckoned with.

Insights CBS Shows:

SimilarWeb NBC

  • CBS belongs to Stephen Colbert, and his Late Show sits quite comfortably atop the rankings for yet another month. Colbert continued to host major political figures such as Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and John McCain, and fans are simply loving it.
  • Big Brother is no longer watching, and consequently, viewers are no longer watching Big Brother. We’ve tracked the show’s decline since August when it sat at number 1 on our rankings, saw it slide to number 2 in September, and now it is totally off the list in October.
  • Without Big Brother, Big Bang Theory managed to increase their traffic share and rank, and with 18% of the traffic share, they have separated themselves from the rest of the CBS pack.
  • The 31st season of Survivor has once again found a strong audience and jumped to the number 3 spot, up from 9th last month. On this season, the cast was chosen by an online fan poll and it seems that fans are really enjoying watching the contestants that they themselves helped pick.
  • At number 4, Limitless is starting to find an audience and the show which barely made our September rankings, took 7% of the traffic share and now sits at number 4.
  • Last month The Young and the Restless was followed closely behind by another soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, but in October, viewers were more selective and stuck to The Young and The Restless. The show takes the number 6 slot and is now the only soap in the top 10.
  • Another show which disappeared from the rankings is NCIS Los Angeles. This was not the case for its more popular counterpart NCIS, which doubled its traffic and now takes 6.6% of the traffic share.
  • Superman’s cousin Supergirl begin her long awaited series in October and did surprisingly well for a brand new show that only aired one episode last month. With weekly episodes starting in November, the show may be able to distinguish itself from more veteran shows such as Criminal Minds which took 7th and The Good Wife, at 9th.
  • The computer drama Scorpion is really struggling and though it aired 4 new episodes in October, it sits dead last on our October ranking.

Insights FOX Shows:

  • Of all the networks we track, FOX has the most consistent viewers and little has changed since September. The top show remains Scream Queens which again took about a quarter of the traffic share.
  • The number 2 and 3 shows swapped places and Gotham now sits slightly above Empire. The DC show is doing quite well in its second season and now that Halloween is over, maybe it can even jump to number 1.
  • Two major FOX shows: MasterChef and So you Think you can Dance, held their season finales in September and as a result, the 2 are absent from October’s top ten.
  • Minority Report is all but dead, FOX already announced they’re scaling back season 1 and if fans keep ignoring the show, it will die quite quickly. The show, based on the Academy Award winning Spielberg movie is not getting the ratings it hoped.
  • Sleepy Hollow debuted season 3 but they can’t be happy with the early returns. Season 2 surprised by receiving high ratings and a 100% fresh rating on the site rotten tomatoes, but viewers are not returning in the numbers they hoped.
  • FOX’s 3 top cartoons continue to perform well among online viewers and the Griffins top the Simpsons and Belchers as the top cartoon family among the bunch.
  • The Last Man on Earth must be pleased with its first month ratings, the show debuted at fifth on our top ten rankings in October. Will Forte produces and stars in the show and as is beard has proven, he is committed to its success.
  • Other shows such as Bones and Brooklyn Nine Nine began their new seasons in October and next month we’ll be able to tell you which shows are going strong throughout the fall tv season.

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