GCHQ targets Shoreditch hipsters in guerrilla recruitment drive


By John Glenday, Reporter

November 19, 2015 | 1 min read

A recruitment drive at Britain’s intelligence services has manifested itself on the streets of Shoreditch, London, in the form of numerous spray-painted tags on the area’s streets asking ‘GCH-WHO?’?


Whilst most would walk on by or spit their gum on it without a second thought the messages are actually part of a formal recruitment drive as Britain’s spooks seek to recruit local hipsters to bolster their operations.

A spokesman said: “GCHQ is always looking to widen our recruitment focus to reach the people we would like to recruit and therefore we use a range of innovative channels for our advertising. We look at areas which are likely to contain a high proportion of people who we would like to recruit, in this case people with technical skills and experience.”

Whilst most arms of the public sector are being chopped the government is ploughing billions into the intelligence services to counter the growing threats from Islamist extremism and digital espionage.


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