Ad of the Week: Mentos - Mentos Mentors

The Drum's ad of the week, as voted for by our Creative Department readers, comes courtesy of Mentos.

'Mentos Mentors', created by BBH London, aims to showcase the power of face-to-face connections and centres around the idea that offering someone a Mentos candy is the equivalent of a real-life friend request.

The spot sees the confectionery brand take a shy group of adults and sends them around London wearing earpieces controlled by five year-olds and the brace protagonists surrender control to the little voices in their ears with surprising results.

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Group creative directors: Paco Conde, Beto Fernandez, Joakim Borgstrom

Creative team: Doug Fridlund and Mikael Alcock

Creative directors: Shelley Smoler and Raphael Basckin