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Facebook facial recognition tech helps parents control who is sharing pics of their children


By John McCarthy | Media editor

November 13, 2015 | 3 min read

Facebook will one day utilise facial recognition tech to prompt parents when they - or someone else - are trying to publically posting an image of their children.

Utilising machine learning, the company’s AI will one day scan the site's two billion daily photo uploads, where it will one day be able to analyse and discern the content of each image, recognising the individuals within the images when contextualised with the uploader.

Such a system, part of Facebook’s “10-year arc of innovation” could give parents better control of images containing their kids.

Speaking with stand-up comedian Dara O’Briain, Jay Parikh, Facebook’s vice president of engineering, said: “If I were to upload a photo of my kids playing at the park and I accidentally had it shared with the public, this system could say: ‘Hey wait a minute, this is a photo of your kids, normally you post this to just your family members, are you sure you want to do this?’” The Evening Standard reported.

“It’s a nice intelligent way for us to help you manage all of the data and the information around you, and that could be just helping you process this stuff and getting it right the first time.”

If the AI can be effectively harnessed, there are numerous possibilities for how it could improve the site.

Parikh put forward the idea that an intelligent AI could help flag up “objectionable content” automatically.

This means a Facebook employee will one day have to feed into the system images of penises (and other blacklisted content) until it can freely identify and remove them in user uploads.

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