Exercise is the best app to increase your productivity plus other productivity hacks from #SMBuzzChat

We were originally going to be talking to Alex Shebar from Yelp but due to scheduling conflicts, last night's #SMBuzzChat took a turn for the... productive.

The UK's number one (we checked the trends) social media chat focused it's Fallout 4 sniper rifle on productivity within social media marketing; how do you stay focused when you are drowning in event requests, Candy Crush invites and relationship updates?

Led by myself (@baconchin, give me a follow), we dug deep into the inner cortex of concentration and found that the Social Buzz community have a varying range of methods for staying 'in the game' (that's an EA Sports reference).

For the season finale of #SMBuzzChat, we bring you the best tips from the best social community on the Internet.

Still not joined a #SMBuzzChat? Join in on the 24 November when we return with Dan Spicer.

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