By Claire Stevenson | Student

November 9, 2015 | 1 min read

Online department store has mixed live action and CGI animation for its £5m Christmas advert based on the idea of finding the right gift for friends and family.

The advert, created by St Luke's, shows the journey of thousands of little pink boxes from Lapland to their recipient’s home reminiscent of Santa’s journey from the North Pole. Upon reaching their final destination the boxes are shown to match their owners and are opened to reveal the perfect present.

Al Young, executive creative director of St Luke’s described the intention behind their client’s newest ad as wanting to “dramatise the intuitive shopping experience at Very.

“It feels as though the perfect gift has somehow found you,” said Young.

The film ends with the line “a very special something for a very special something” and the Very logo; a small pink box.

The campaign follows the company’s reboot in October focusing on the ease of shopping with them. St Luke's Retail

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