Taco Bell takes over social media to celebrate new emoji additions

Taco Bell is inviting its fans to tweet a taco emoji along with another emoji to its Twitter account if they want to receive a customized photo or gif.

The ‘Taco Emoji Engine,’ created by Deutsch, celebrates the taco emoji that was introduced earlier this year.

For example, if someone tweets both a taco and the image a couple of holding hands to @TacoBell, they will receive an illustration of a pair of tacos with a heart above them (above). Other mash-ups include a gif that sees a cat running away from a giant taco.

According to Taco Bell, the fast-food chain started a Change.org petition one year ago asking the Unicode Consortium – a nonprofit that regulates which emojis appear on mobile screens – to release a taco emoji. The petition received 33,000 signatures in seven months, according to the company, and the emoji made its debut last month.

In addition to its Twitter campaign, the chain also released four colorful Doritos Locos Tacos holders that have feature the emoji in different ways.

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