Barclays aim to help unemployed young people at Do it Day

Banks don’t necessarily strike a chord with young people, probably because not many young people are interested in banking. The relationship between the two is usually a means to an end with very little interaction outside the realm of “can I have my overdraft extended?”

Overdrafts and 16-24 year-olds often go hand-in-hand and an overdraft can begin to resemble an overbearing blemish on the face of their bank account if they don’t have an income. Such is the problem for more than 74,000 unemployed people in the UK.

Barclays wanted to tackle this issue on Do it Day and help give job seekers the opportunity to lead a financially secure and independent life.

Going into Do it Day, Barclays then set itself the challenge of helping 10,000 young people create a solid CV with the help of its LifeSkills website. The site was launched in September and offers guidance on how to improve job prospects from tips on what you should and shouldn’t post on social media to advice on how to get work experience. One aspect of the site which Barclays wanted to promote was the CV builder tool which connects to Facebook and Twitter and highlights posts which might be useful and those which could prove detrimental to employment opportunities.

Barclays enlisted a team of creative minds to find out how they could encourage millennials to make use of the service and improve their job prospects. During the creative brainstorm session that unfolded the team was able to identify one of the main hurdles in analysing their market skills.

Careers advisor Sandra Rhule told the group that her students “really struggle to identify their own skills”. She said that they often lack the same insight that we have as we grow older which in turn makes it very difficult for them to even make a start on their CV.

However Rhule highlighted a common strength too; being able to “identify skills in other people better than themselves”. Barclays communications manager, Rebecca Poch, also touched on this point in saying that the Life Skills project had showed that "peer to peer feedback is the greatest motivation among young people".

Once this idea was laid out the group looked at how peer-to-peer interaction could help them identify their strengths. Alan Dykes, head of digital marketing at Dialogue, pointed out that “if we can get young people to help each other then they’ll be more likely to do that that helping themselves”.

With this in mind the team created a social campaign built around the concept of peer to peer feedback in which young people are encouraged to take a photo of them highlighting the qualities in their friends and share it on social via #YourLifeSkills.

The social media campaign was presented to the Do it Day audience displaying photos of people holding skill related words such as “organised” and “good with numbers” next to their friends with the hashtag #YourlifeSkills. Barclays hope that the social campaign will help peers highlight the qualities and talents in an individual which may not see in themselves and in turn help 10,000 unemployed people find work.

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