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David Cameron subjected to social media ridicule over latest Photoshop fail

The Conservative party’s amateurish Photoshop hacks are at it again after being rumbled attempting to pass off a 2013 image of the prime minister sans poppy as being a current depiction of David Cameron proudly sporting an over-sized poppy on his lapel.

Appearing on the party’s official Facebook page the clunky portrait drew immediate ridicule for its obvious fakery, prompting a flurry of abuse and parody images to appear on line penned by Cameron’s detractors.

In the wake of this officials moved swiftly to purge the offending image for a more recent depiction of the prime minister wearing a real poppy, blaming the doctored picture on a ‘technical oversight’.

The fracas follows a prior Photoshop fail by the Conservatives in the run-up to the 2015 general election in which their #RoadToRuin social media campaign was widely spoofed.

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