By Gregory Lewinter | Contributor

October 30, 2015 | 2 min read

Ariane Andrew has had an interesting journey to the top, and through World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) continued push for a global presence and brand awareness, many of us have seen that journey first hand. Ariane has become immersed in the world of social media. Known as Cameron to her fans in the WWE, Ariane has been able to utilize the massive digital platform that the company has enabled for their superstars to expand her brand and explore new creative outlets.

With over 5.72 million followers on Twitter (@WWE) and over 27.5 million likes on Facebook (WWE), the WWE has found a way for its fans to connect with their superstars outside of the arena. Andrew is no doubt a shiny example of the WWE letting their superstars build digital brands to pursue other passions.

Andrew's newest single Wrong Number is her second foray into the world of pop music, where she takes on the theme of anti-bullying. Luckily, with over 303,000 followers on Twitter and over 445,800 likes on Facebook, Andrew has found an immediate and interested audience to broadcast her latest single.

“I felt like I should use my platform to bring awareness to something important, so I decided to choose bullying," Andrew told Found Remote. "A lot of us hear someone say don’t do this, but people can actually hear a message when it’s done creatively and artistically.”

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