What Generation Z's media and technology consumption habits look like

As a new age media company AwesomenessTV knows how to reach millennial audiences. It’s why DreamWorks paid $33 million for the company in 2013, just a year after the company was founded.

Reaching millennials is important to brands, so in an effort to leverage its know-how, AwesomenessTV last month announced the launch of Wildness, a research and consulting firm that will help marketers speak to younger audiences.

Wildness recently released a report highlighting the media and technology consumption habits of these consumers. Below, some highlights followed by an infographic:

Cutting the Cord or never having a cord to begin with

Over 50% of the 12-24 year-olds have never had a cable subscription, have cut the cord, or plan to cut the cord in the immediate future.

Generation Z interacts with brands, retailers, celebrities and entertainment in a surprising way. Wildness refers to Generation Z as ‘Culture Collaborators’ who seek out partners that co-create, connect and reward them.

o If left with only one device, zero out of 10 would choose to keep their televisions.

o 31 percent watch their favorite brands on YouTube.

o 30 percent follow their favorite brands and view their posts on social media.

o Nine out of 10 watch YouTube daily.

While Generation Z tends to be connected 24/7, real life experiences still rule. These are what they “snap,” “gram” and “fav”.

o 88 percent of respondents take intentional, digital breaks.

o 54 percent detox from their daily digital grind, preferring real-life experiences and socializing.

o Genz Zers surveyed revealed that their media engagement outpaces even Millennials’, who report roughly 18 hours of their day taking in content in one way or another, 30% of which is created by their peers. CCs create more still, and watch more, too. And they multitask like mad—84% reported to us that they multitask, usually while watching videos online, whereas just 2% of the general population says they multitask.

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