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Parents wearing alcohol branded football strips could be criminalised under school ad ban

Lawyers have warned that draconian new restrictions on the placing of alcohol advertisement s near to schools could criminalise parents caught wearing drinks branded football or rugby tops within school grounds.

The Law Society of Scotland warned MSPs that the proposed Alcohol Bill, which would place onerous restrictions on alcohol advertising and sponsorship, could have unintended consequences.

If implemented the measures would outlaw fixed advertising of alcohol on billboards or window displays within 200m of schools, nurseries and playgrounds in addition to sport and cultural events targeting under 18s.

In a written submission the Law Society of Scotland warned: “…it would appear in our view that an offence would be committed e.g. where a poster referring to a sporting event sponsored by a drinks company was displayed within the window of a private dwelling house in a restricted area or if a parent or guardian wears a football or rugby jersey with an alcohol sponsor when collecting children from school.”

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