How Bozza and Crowdfunder plan to beat the drum for African musicians on Do it Day

Plan It Day brought together brands in search of creative solutions for world-changing ideas. As we look ahead to Do It Day on 2 November, we explore how Bozza and Crowdfunder plan to support and promote African musicians and spoken word artists. The challenge solutions are variable and may change on the day.

Bozza, a platform allowing African musicians and poets to share their work digitally, partnered with Crowdfunder for this challenge, with the aim of raising money and support to bring African artists to the UK for a one-off gig.

The objective to build interest and excitement around African artists, changing perceptions along the way, was embraced with aplomb by the challenge teams, with ideas ranging from the production of an African musician’s cover of an iconically British song, to the delivery of an African inspired dance flash mob.

The winning team drew on the central idea of celebrating what the continent has to offer by holding a crowdfunded one day festival – #thedrumnation – in the UK for emerging African artists. Taking place on 25 May 2016, National Africa Day, the festival would emphasise Africa’s music, poetry and heart.

The ambitious strategy will kick off the campaign via crowdfunding through both brands and individuals, engaging influential individuals like Reggie Yates, Emma Watson, Douglas Booth and Cara Delevigne – with an estimated reach of 23 million followers. The aim is to raise £100k to accommodate 10 African artists.

The campaign centres around the idea of the drum as the original language in Africa, connecting people. By passing the drum to one individual, Reggie Yates for instance, they could beat one rhythm and pass on to other key influencers. The public would also be encouraged to get involved by recording videos and passing on, creating content that would raise awareness and build community.

Artists would also create their own videos to compare cultures, shareable on a virtual platform where contributions can also be made, with different levels of reward dependent on the level of interaction you have, eg fan, super fan.

Winning team: Daniel Morris, The Drum; Jessica Baah, The Drum; Giovanna Harrison, Home Agency; Olly Bingham, West Suffolk FE; Alish Palmos, Neuro-Insight (UK); Zoe Hambling, West Suffolk FE

Plan It Day was sponsored by Clear Channel, Bima, Digilant, Millennial Media, Undercurrent, Wunderman and Yoyo. To see how this plan and others like it are put into action, join us at Do It Day.

Photography by Bronac McNeill

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