USA Today is running a ‘Back to the Future’ front page on Thursday

Gannett Company’s USA Today is celebrating Back to the Future Day with a wraparound cover of its 22 October 2015 print issues that will feature the same headlines and pictures shown on its fake front page from Back to the Future Part II.

In the 1989 sci-fi movie, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) travel to 21 October 2015. The two then read a USA Today newspaper dated 22 October 2015 that states that Marty’s son has been arrested.

The paper is one of many brands leveraging Back to the Future excitement. Pepsi made 6,500 limited-edition bottles of ‘Pepsi Perfect,’ which makes an appearance in the film, and Toyota enlisted the help of Lloyd and Fox to promote its hydrogen fuel Mirai model.

Brands have also been celebrating Back to the Future day on social media.

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