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Honda Motorcycles launches Africa Twin campaign with Southpaw

Honda has launched a new campaign for its Africa Twin motorcycle, the first in a series of campaigns for Honda’s 2016 model line-up.

Southpaw has partnered with Honda to deliver a strategy for all new product launches. The Africa Twin campaign is centred around an interactive YouTube film that allows the viewer to choose which path two Africa Twin riders take as they embark on an epic adventure. The film will be supported by additional film content, digital & press ads, product photography and brochure design.

Ian Bland, head of marketing and accessories management at Honda Motor Europe – Motorcycles, said: “We spent four years developing Africa Twin and it is a great example of the engineering and innovation that goes into all of our motorcycles. Our passion and precision has been captured perfectly in our campaign that will ensure Honda is ‘always on’ for the next 12 months.”

Glenn Smith, creative director of Southpaw, said: “Our whole content strategy is based around a simple thought: what if we took all the values Honda use to make bikes and applied them to how we make content? This is how we are approaching all our storytelling output from now on – with innovation, high production standards and a test and learn mentality. With Africa Twin, we wanted to build on the product’s concept of ‘True Adventure’ and ensure that the first experience people had of the bike offered a genuine sense of exploration and personal discovery, much like an actual adventure tour in real life.”

Southpaw’s client list includes SABMiller, Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin-Robbins, Samsung and Vogue.