Barclays' plan to equip children with employment skills at Do It Day revealed

Plan It Day brought together brands in search of creative solutions for world-changing ideas. Now, as we look ahead to Do It Day, Barclays hopes by tapping into the insights and experiences of its winning team it will be able to help 16-24 year-olds upload a total of 10,000 CVs to potential employer websites on Monday 2 November. The challenge solutions are variable and may change on the day.

Barclays marketing employees will concede that it was widely held up as the poster child of all that was wrong with the finance sector, being involved in multiple scandals some years back when the industry sector’s standing sunk to a new nadir.

To engineer a turnaround in how the public perceives the brand, it has adopted a voice that is much more collective in its tone, with Barclays using the unique challenge to better equip children with employment skills by improving how they both write and distribute their CVs.

Jeanette Lloyd, brand agent programme lead at Barclays, explained how Plan It Day was the first time the financial services giant had engaged in such a programme, saying that she was looking to “the art of what’s possible” through her involvement. “This is something unique and an innovative way to find something that can have such an impact in a short space of time,” she added.

Specifics of its brief to the participants was to devise a campaign that will help 16-24 year-olds upload a total of 10,000 CVs to potential employer websites.

The ideas pitched included employing the services of celebrities popular with the target demographic to help them realise their potential by encouraging them to list their skills.

However, the winning idea ran with the theme of ‘jobs for Christmas, but skills are for life’. The scheme would encourage graduates to participate in a ‘resume blitz’ in the run-up to the holiday season when many companies are looking seasonal workers. Incentives offered would include tickets to the Barclays Summer Festival, plus the campaign proposal included drafting in educational professionals as campaign advocates.

Winning team: Matt Cocquelin, The Collinson Group; Isabelle Quevilly, Brilliant Noise; James Gill, Archant Dialogue; Bradley Cocksedge, West Suffolk FE.

Plan It Day was sponsored by Clear Channel, Bima, Digilant, Millennial Media, Undercurrent, Wunderman and Yoyo. To see how this plan and others like it are put into action join us at Do It Day.

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