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Reddit partners with Google on new branded video experience

Online community Reddit has teamed up with Google Cloud Platform to launch a collaborative branded video experience consisting of interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

Dubbed Formative the series will kick off with teaser piece featuring Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian with follow-up subjects chosen by Redditors themselves.

Eight 3-6 minute long clips will be hosted on will see their subject asked ‘’What was the most defining moment of your life?’ It will also be introduced via a monthly newsletter and pushed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Ohanian said: “We are excited to create this content for the community at r/entrepreneur and the broader Reddit community of 202 million users, so that we can continue to shine the light on the amazing people and conversations taking place on every day,” said Ohanian.

Julie Pearl, director of Google Cloud Platform developer relations and partner engineering added: "Going back to our earliest days, we've always had audacious goals — goals that, quite frankly, went far beyond what was even possible at the time. We had to invent things to keep up with those ambitions. We're excited to collaborate with Reddit and help provide some inspiration for the people who are going beyond what's possible today."

Working alongside Google on the project as its media agency Essence and Acres New York.

Matt McLaughlin, partner at Acres told The Drum: "Creating content that explores the root of human inspiration and emotion is high on our list, and in today's digital market, we put a lot of weight in empowering all the different voices that are out there. To have developed a video platform with reddit that incorporates the audience from the start is very exciting for us."

The campaign will run through to January 2016.

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