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Zoo magazine sticks one last finger up to its critics for final edition

Australian lads mag Zoo Weekly has stuck one last finger up to its critics for its last ever edition after suffering declining sales and a succession of controversies.

The provocative cover depicts a middle finger poking through the Zoo logo with the headline ‘sticking it up the prudes one final time’.

The final edition brings to a close one of Australia’s most irreverent magazines which regularly stirred outrage with its politically incorrect positions, including an infamous issue commemorating the centenary of Australia’s involvement in WW2 with a cover photo of a model holding a poppy like a penis.

In 2012 the magazine again came under fire after launching a hunt for ‘Australia’s hottest asylum seeker’.

This aggression continues in the titles editorial where the editor dedicated to: “The shouty killjoys who’ve spent years telling us -– and you — that we're horrible people because we like beautiful women and taking the piss out of just about anything."