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The top 10 most pirated shows of September 2015: Fear The Walking Dead kills

Fear The Walking Dead proved to be a success as it topped the charts across the top torrenting sites. While Mr. Robot still stayed on the charts it dipped lower as new shows like Narcos and Limitless began to capture fans attentions. Here are the charts and SimilarWeb's full analysis.

  • In the past month, the show “Mr. Robot” lost significant traffic share. On Pirate Bay, however, the series manage to secure 6th place in rank on our list of top shows on torrent sites.
  • The always popular “The Walking Dead” is still a top show. The zombie-themed series managed to increase their traffic share and almost managed to take top rank on all torrent sites.
  • On, “The Big Bang Theory” shot up to 2nd place with 12.32% traffic share. Yet on PirateBay, the show did not make it into the top 10.
  • On kickasstorrents, “Ricky and Morty” moved up from rank 5 to take 1st place this month, with 15.63% traffic share. The show also managed to gain impressive traffic share on other torrent sites as well.
  • “Limitless”, ”South Park” and “Narcos” each made it into our Top Ten Shows list on all torrent sites.
  • Last month the show “Gotham” failed to make an appearance in our top 10 list, but this month the series managed to secure rank on both PirateBay and
  • The horror drama series “The Strain” lost rank on Kickasstorrents. But still, the show managed to make it onto our Top 10 for both PirateBay and
  • On PirateBay “GoT” still maintained to be in the Top 10 Show list, yet the show lost some viewer shares and therefore made it only to rank 10 with 2.36%.
  • While “Quantico”, “The Bastard Esecutioner” and “Doctor Who” were absent from last month’s Top 10 lists for Torrent-share sites, This month all three series each made it onto at least one of our Top 10 lists.

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