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Peel predicts which fall TV shows will survive. Why they'll likely be right.

Peel makes the world’s leading smart remote app – its white-labeled technology comes pre-loaded on most phones that aren’t iPhones, and more than 125 million people use it worldwide.

With the data it is able to collect about viewing habits, Peel will be a serious player in the TV and video measurement space for years to come. Last year, it was able to predict with 92 per cent accuracy which fall TV shows would be canceled and which would survive based on the success of the show’s premiere episode – the premiere needed to hold the attention of more than 70 per cent of viewers for at least 15 minutes.

2015’s crop of fall premieres have aired and Peel’s predictions are in: Limitless, Rosewood, Blindspot, The Muppets, and Grandfathered are looking good.

Not looking so good? ABC’s Blood & Oil (only 60 per cent of viewers remained engaged 15 minutes in), Minority Report (62.9 per cent), Life in Pieces (63.3 per cent) and The Player” (65 per cent).

“Tune-out data, along with other engagement metrics such as reminders set for next week’s episode, appear to be a much better indicator of success than the total number of viewers who tune in to a premiere,” said Peel CEO and cofounder Thiru Arunachalam, whose remote control app now has 125 million registered users globally. “Viewer retention and ‘likes’ signal the quality of a premiere episode rather than how much money was spent promoting it or what hit show led into it.”

The much-hyped Ryan Murphy show Scream Queens failed to hit Peel’s 70 per cent mark, but Peel thinks that other metrics indicate that the show will remain afloat. For example, it ranked second among shows in viewers who chose the show as a favorite or who set reminders to watch the following week’s episode.