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Netflix beginning to dominate online viewing, says latest IPA study

Netflix takes up more than a quarter of all online viewing according to new findings from the IPA.

The new TouchPoints dataset illustrates the drive in change in how people consume media and the growing trend of self-curating TV content through catch-up.

YouTube and Netflix were found to be the two biggest services for consuming on demand content. YouTube was the most frequently used with 17 per cent of people accessing it each week, rising to 34 per cent amongst millennials. This is closely followed by Netflix which is used by 14 per cent of people each week and 29 per cent of all millennials.

It is Netflix, however, which people dedicate most of their time to, more than a quarter at 29 per cent which equates to an average of 51 minutes a day. In contrast YouTube only has our attention for an average of 29 minutes each day.

Netflix’s share of the catch-up realm in comparison to YouTube is significant given its paid for subscription model and its dominance against other streaming services is evident in the fact that its closest rival, Amazon prime, holds just 3 per cent of the market.

TouchPoints is the IPA’s cross-media database which provides insights into the media and marketing industry and while the latest findings don’t show any surprising changes in how people consume media, they highlight the growing dominance of Netflix at a time when it is expanding to more regions throughout the world.

A breakdown of TouchPoint's findings can be viewed below.