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JCDecaux plans to transform London's advertising with largest ever digital screens backed by big data

Outdoor advertising company, JCDecaux, has announced that it will revolutionise London’s bus stop advertising with 1,000 of the largest ever digital advertising screens.

JCDecaux digital advertising screens in London

The plan is part of its London Digital Network (LDN) campaign which aims to digitise London’s bus stop advertising with new 84” screens- 40 per cent larger than those currently used.

JCDecaux will take over the advertising concession from 1 January next year and with 1,000 of the new screens which will use its SmartBRICS advertising technology. The tech uses retail spend data from IT company CACI, social media feeds and frame-by-frame audiences from Route to enable campaigns to deliver the most relevant and efficient campaigns in relation to time and location.

The screens will be fitted at London’s busiest retail locations including Oxford Street which will have double sided digital bus shelters on all of its bus shelters.

Co-chief executive of JCDecaux, Jean-François Decaux, said the company plans to make “London the global showcase for digital Out-of-Home" with more than 50 per cent of its UK advertising revenues forecast to be coming from digital by 2017. He added that the 84” screens will provide “a new communication channel for London, backed by big data that will transform what is possible in Out-of-Home”.

In addition to the screens JCDecaux will launch Connected London, a team of 5,000 Londoners who will provide daily data on mindset, attitudes, brand preferences and lifestyle to better target consumers as part of the LDN campaign.