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Are brands miss-targeting mums? Time Inc and Starcom study finds 91% need a life outside being a parent


By Natalie Mortimer, N/A

October 8, 2015 | 3 min read

Advertising may need to do more to keep up with changes in society after a study by Time Inc and Starcom found the majority of women are disillusioned with being viewed only as mothers.

The study of 1,000 women with children aged under 15 – a group it dubbed MUMentum Mums – looked at the new behaviours, attitudes and values of the consumer group, and found that the conventional image and expectation of being a ‘super-mum’ at home is a thing of the past.

The research revealed that the majority of mothers (91 per cent) need a life outside of being a parent and 64 per cent believe it is important to make time for their themselves away from the kids. Some 78 per cent say it is important just to take time out to have a laugh with their friends and over a fifth did not identify themselves as a mother first and foremost.

Brands must also consider the importance of mobile when talking to mums. The research found that 71 per cent keep their mobile turned on 24/7 and find mobile and tablet apps valuable to managing their daily life. Nearly two thirds (65 per cent take) their mobile to bed with them and say technology saves time and makes life simpler.

Catherine Westwood, group editor of Essentials and GoodtoKnow at Time Inc.UK, said the report revealed a “brand new wave and emergence” of women.

“MUMentum Mums have less of the try-hard, must-do attitude, accepting that they can’t do it all, are mobile savvy and a powerful consumer force with specific needs. They are disillusioned with being viewed only as mums and want to be valued as confident and passionate women.

“We will continue to drive this agenda by offering brands and agencies a number of partnership opportunities, including a variety of bespoke research studies and access to editorial expertise through editorial think-tanks.”

The report also found that mums build their lives around a complex set of needs and brands need to understand these needs to converse with them at an individual tailored level. These include comfort, challenge, inspire, inform and share.

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