Verizon promotes Go90 with takeover of subway stations across US

Verizon launched its mobile video service Go90 last week with an out-of-home advertising push that aims to capture commuter attention during ‘moments of boredom.’

Created by AKQA, the campaign will run through October across key cities in the US, with signage and posters scattered across NYC subway stations, bus shelters, kiosks, and bike shares along with ‘station dominations’ in Boston, Chicago, DC, and San Francisco.

The company hopes the ads will grab people’s attention as they wait for the subway or stand in line to re-fill their metro card, with the idea being that Go90 has content for to kill any length of time – whether it’s a 30-second wait for an Uber or a 30-minute bus ride.

Go90 also has its own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts where followers can find out what shows are available to watch.

The new platform, which is aimed towards a younger audience that increasingly watches more and more video on mobile devices, is available on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

To keep up with some of its competitors in the video streaming space like Netflix and Hulu, the free, ad-supported service offers videos from both traditional TV networks like Comedy Central and ESPN as well as online content. It also lets users watch live events like NFL games and concerts.

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