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CBS All Access becomes first platform to use Nielsen's Digital in TV Ratings measurement

CBS All Access, the network's standalone streaming service, which launched a year ago just announced that they are the "first broadcast network to include digital audience measurement in their television ratings by incorporating Nielsen’s SDK metering technology into the CBS All Access experience within the Network’s mobile apps and online video player."

This is a big deal because it's a big moment for Nielsen to stay relevant as their core clients, the TV networks are moving to new territory that doesn't only rely on linear ratings. CBS's use of the new Nielsen tool, "measures viewership of the service’s live offering of local CBS Television stations – available in more than 95 U.S. markets – across Android and iOS systems as well as desktops and laptops." This is in addition to the other ratings they track on-demand via linear.

Found Remote interviewed Marc DeBevoise, EVP and GM, CBS Digital Media who recently joined Found Remote's Advertising Week panel about the new measurement.

Found Remote: Why did CBS decide to participate in this? What about the Nielsen Digital metrics was attractive?

Marc DeBevoise: Our content is being consumed across multiple devices and platforms beyond traditional TV. When we launched CBS All Access we purposefully only launched on devices that could be measured by Nielsen and therefore be additive to CBS's overall TV ratings while also giving our local affiliates the benefit of having live viewership in their markets applied to their Nielsen rating as well.

FR: What are some key new parts of it that will help CBS continue to transform digitally?

MD: We've always been committed to offering our fans the content they want wherever and whenever they want it as long as it can be fully monetized and measured. As we continue to expand across more platforms, advancements in mobile measurement will enable us to continue to monetize and measure our mobile content effectively and contribute to our overall TV ratings.

FR: How is CBS All Access doing so far a year into it?

MD: We're a few weeks away from our one year anniversary but the consumer response has definitely exceeded our expectations. Subscribers appetite for our content is strong and they are watching two times the amount of CBS content as non-subscribers on digital platforms.

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