In new docu-series, Oxygen follows the "Pretty. Strong." women of the Legends Football League

Rebranding is no easy task for most companies, but it must be particularly difficult for a lingerie football league to transform into a league that also appeals to women.

To accomplish this, the league made two smart decisions:

1) It changed its name from the Lingerie Football League to the Legends Football League

2) It locked up a docu-series on Oxygen

Premiering next Tuesday on Oxygen is “Pretty. Strong.,” which follows the women of the Chicago Bliss, the league’s two-time reigning champions.

While the show is primarily aimed at the network’s predominantly female audience, Oxygen is hoping that boyfriends and husbands won’t try to force a channel change.

To help promote “Pretty. Strong.,” Oxygen hosted an impressive on-site tailgate at MetLife Stadium for this past Sunday’s New York Jets vs. Philadelphia Eagles game and showcased billboards within the stadium during the game.

The women of the Chicago Bliss were on hand, posing for pictures and talking about the show with fans. Found Remote was also on hand, and we asked defensive end Yashi Rice how the show sends a positive message to women: “You can do whatever you want to do,” she said. “You can be a woman and play a man’s game and be pretty strong while doing it.”

Playing on one of the leagues six teams is not a full-time job, making the women’s commitment to the sport that much more impressive. Alli Alberts, who is a wide receiver and safety, is also a general dentist and prosthodontic resident; Jamie Barwick – who is shifting to center – is in pharmaceutical sales; Rice is an R&B artist.

So how do the women actually find this balance? “With a lot of prayer, meditation, whatever it takes to humble yourself and find balance,” running back ChrisDell Harris told us. “It’s all about time management,” Alberts added. “You need to know what you can get done and make the most of your day.”

For fans wanting to multitask like the women of the Bliss, Oxygen has created an eight-week-long “Pretty. Strong. Get Fit Challenge,” which includes workout videos by the players on The network will feature #PrettyStrong social submissions during broadcasts of the show, on the website, and on social accounts.

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